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Our approach

AKME Education is a global management consulting firm working hand-in-hand with its Education clients to deliver lasting impact.
AKME Education pioneered a truly sector-focused approach to Consulting with the vision that a dedicated team of industry experts with Board experience in both Public and Private Education could help companies transform the way they operate and fulfill their mission.
AKME Education draws from its broad  background in education to deliver practical, collaborative and customized solutions that help clients realize their strategies and build long-term value to all stakeholders.

How We Help



Comparing performance against industry peers is essential for identifying and developing effective data-driven plans to keep your institution competitive. Our Benchmarking studies are designed to provide a competitive perspective and detailed gap analyses that help identify opportunities for performance improvement across all areas of operation.


Strategy & Growth

AKME Education helps clients solve their issues from strategy through to execution. We advise clients on developing their strategic roadmap to align management on priorities including both revenue enhancement and cost reduction initiatives. Our Education Experts then help clients implement their plans by leveraging our strategic and operational expertise.


Performance Improvement

Education Companies must continually work to improve performance in reliability, margin generation, and both academic and operating expense control. Institutions that maintain student satisfaction, improve efficiency, control costs, and maximize utilization will be rewarded with increased profits and higher enrolments. AKME Education helps clients build the right operating model to effectively execute their strategy.


Advisory Services

AKME Education's experienced professionals serve Private Equity and investor Clients across the investment life cycle, from deal generation and due diligence to portfolio value creation and exit planning.  Our Advisory Services are tailored to the type of situation at hand, such as acquisitions, transformations, or turnarounds to help maximise investment value.


Case Studies

Value Creation Plan

For a Private-Equity backed education provider, AKME Education helped designed a value creation plan reflecting the full potential of the portfolio company. AKME Education helped increase the value of the company by supporting revenue enhancement and cost-reduction initiatives.

 TNE strategy

For an Institution looking to add a new form of international student enrolment and cost-effective means of education, AKME Education helped articulate the University's TNE strategy and assess the suitability of various offshore locations along with potential local partners.

Multi-site Cost Optimisation

For a UK-based University, AKME Education led a multi-site cost review and helped our client get efficiency gains through optimisation, standardisation, centralisation and automation improvements while also benchmarking our client's performance against industry peers.

Students Cost of Acquisition

AKME Education leveraged its marketing and student recruitment expertise and insight to benchmark an Institution's students acquisition cost - both via their direct digital channel and through their Agents network - and recommended a set of targeted improvements.

Strategic Options Review

For a private Education Group who had just acquired a new Institution, AKME Education led a Strategic Options Review to identify the current available opportunities for implementing the company's long-term strategy in order to maximize its value.

More Case Studies

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