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How We Help


Looking for ways to improve the performance of your institution? AKME Education's Benchmarking services might be the solution.

Learn how your Institution compares against best industry practices and fill in your performance gaps to deliver measurable improvements in programmes quality, academic and operation efficiency as well as student outcomes.

Our Benchmarking studies are designed to provide a competitive perspective and detailed gap analysis that help Education Companies identify potential opportunities for performance improvement across all areas of operation.

Once the benchmarking results are shared with you, our Education Experts will assist you in setting realistic targets to close performance gaps, monitor KPIs monthly, and improve performance.

Benefits of AKME Education's Benchmarking Services:

- Understand how your Institution compare against your competitors

- Improve your Institution's efficiency and effectiveness

- Discover new opportunities for rapid growth

- Improve product/service quality and student satisfaction

- Motivate staff and hold people accountable

- Leverage strength areas

- Increase your Company's profitability

AKME Education prioritizes the confidentiality of Institutions' data and rigorously review that data before benchmarking begins. After a normalization process and selection of a relevant and comparable peer group, our Experts apply their deep education experience to deliver meaningful KPIs and develop practical insights and recommendations to enable your success.

Start your journey to operating and academic excellence with the data and insight needed to support your decisions and strive for continuous improvement

Strategy & Growth

AKME Education's mission is to create value for clients. To win in tomorrow’s hyper-competitive market, Universities and Private Institutions alike will need to differentiate themselves with powerful value-enhancing services.

In such a disruptive area, strategy is more important than ever. AKME Education offers creative solutions that help Universities, Schools and other Education institutions develop and execute winning strategies. Specifically, AKME Education provides a new perspective on how to design and implement strategies that set our Clients' apart in today’s Higher Education market.

Our research and experience in Education tell us that there are significant opportunities for Institutions that are prepared to adapt to the new reality and are willing to rethink their programmes portfolios, innovate their sales and marketing practices and upgrade their value proposition to tackle student outcomes.

AKME Education's Strategy and Growth practice helps Education Institutions and Management Teams change, grow, adapt, and respond to today's Education environment. With sustainable growth and profitability as strategic imperatives, our Education Consultants support Institutions in defining their ambition and developing innovative strategies so that they can stay relevant with all their stakeholders.

Our Experts draw on their broad Education experience to help Institutions find answers to a wide range of growing challenges from rising debt through the need for new teaching and learning models to growing pressure from students, employers and governments to provide more programmes that meet employers’ needs better.

We also support Education Clients looking to increase their offerings via expansion into adjacent education subsectors such as Edtech or Digital Education and eager to address the widening gap between higher education and industry needs. 

Our Services include (but are not limited to):

- Growth Strategy

- Digital & Online Strategy

- Brand Strategy

- Pricing Strategy

- M&A Strategy

- New Product Development Strategy

- Student Empoyability Strategy

- Channel Management Strategy

- Student Recruitment Strategy

Performance Improvement

AKME Education’s Performance Improvement Experts work with Education Companies to identify solutions that impact the bottom line and achieve sustainable operational and academic improvements with measurable results.

We rely on our deep Education experience to address the academic, financial and operational challenges facing institutions and implement initiatives to drive improvement, including but not limited to: Sales and Marketing, Teaching and Academic Management, Student costs of acquisition, Conversion rate, Retention rate, Graduation rate, Student satisfaction, Capacity utilization, Gross margin, Employability rate, Diversity Index, Student NPS, Institution ranking, etc

Our Education Experts assist Clients by deploying a proven performance improvement approach, leveraging powerful industry and functional knowledge to design, plan and deliver robust cost and performance improvement programs.  

AKME Education's Performance Improvement practice helps clients rapidly unlock profitability by driving revenue, optimizing costs and improving operational effectiveness. We recognize that no organization or situation is exactly alike — each program is developed in alignment with the specific needs — and deploy strategies that deliver sustainable results and strengthen the connection between academic, operations and strategy. 

Our range of Services covers the burning challenges Senior Executives, Management Boards and Investors alike are currently facing.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of our Performance Improvement offering:   

- Performance Management               

- Cost Reduction               

- Transformation Programmes              

- Business Turnaround               

- Shared Services               

- Organisational Design               

- Student Journey Optimisation              

- Digital Transformation               

- Online Programme Management (OPM)              

- Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)           

- Balanced Scorecard Implementation             

- Integration Plan

- PMO Support

Advisory Services

Our Education Advisory Services Experts draw on their deep sector knowledge and functional expertise to identify where potential value resides at all stages of the investment cycle and provide investors with a unique set of insights around a deal.

There’s a growing appetite for investment in the Education sector while an increasing number of Education institutions are using acquisitions as a way to scale and stay competitive. AKME Education works closely with Education investors and corporate clients throughout the transaction cycle. Our support ranges from identifying potential target companies to performing commercial due diligence, as well as increasing portfolio company value and providing exit support.

AKME Education's approach is grounded in client collaboration, rigorous analysis, detailed operating plans, and actionable results. Working closely with Senior Management and Investors, our Advisory Services team help Clients understand how best to unlock value creation opportunities and maximise Enterprise Value while optimising Cash Flow.

We draw on the support of our Experts' network and dedicated subject matter and functional Specialists where necessary, and align with the latest thinking on global Education best practices.

Our services include (but are not limited to):

- M&A Support

- Commercial Due-Diligence

- Post-merger Integration

- Strategy Option Review

- Value Creation Plan

- Exit Planning

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