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Case Studies


OPM Costs Benchmark

For a major Online Programme Management (OPM) Company, AKME Education benchmarked the company's performance against industry peers and made targeted recommendations to improve our client's efficiency across the board: from course design through marketing and students recruitment to student support, course delivery and teaching.

Students Cost of Acquisition

AKME Education leveraged its marketing and student recruitment expertise and insight to benchmark an Institution's students acquisition cost - both via their direct digital channel and through their Agents network - and recommended a set of targeted improvements.

Multi-site Cost Optimisation

For a UK-based University, AKME Education led a multi-site cost review and helped our client get efficiency gains through optimisation, standardisation, centralisation and automation improvements while also benchmarking our client's performance against industry peers.

Direct Students Recruitment

For an institution looking to increase its share of direct recruitment, AKME Education mapped out the organisation's funnel and student journey from the first point of inquiry (lead generation) through conversion activities all the way to enrolment and made targeted recommendations to drive students' recruitment up

Academic Cost Benchmark

For a Private Education Group with multi sites across several countries, AKME Education benchmarked each site's academic cost with industry's best practices and provided a set of recommendations based on the benchmark as well as AKME Education's own model

Career Services Improvement

For a Private Education institution eager to focus more on student employability and career outcomes, AKME Education benchmarked industry best practices to identify institutions and programmes that best meet employers’ needs.

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Students Conversion

For an Education Group specialised in Private-Public partnerships, AKME Education led a review of the Company's funnel and conversion activities (from lead generation to enrolment via conversion activities and offer confirmation)

Assessment Review

AKME Education conducted a detailed process mapping of a leading University's online and paper-based assessment process that led to significant efficiency gains and quality improvement

Improve Admissions

AKME Education's Experts worked with an Institution to streamline and optimise their Admission Department and improve their processes along with their turnaround time

Organisation redesign

For a leading European University, AKME redesigned a course design and production Department to ensure quicker time to market and a more innovative mindset to promote new programmes that meet students and employers' changing needs

Student Diversity

For an Institution looking to add diversity in its student body, AKME Education helped optimise its/the recruitment strategy and use of Agents and Education Counsellors in-markets

Student VISA

AKME Education reviewed the processes and systems in place for the VISA and Compliance team of an Education company and helped improve the quality and efficiency of the Department as well as reduce the Institution's VISA refusal rate

Multi-Country cost optimisation

Using AKME Education's proprietary Performance Excellence framework, our team of Experts reviewed more than 20 sites across several countries and identified significant saving opportunities across all areas of operation (Teaching, Marketing, Recruitment, Student Services, Facilities...)

Student Journey

For a leading University, AKME Education modelled the student journey and identified ways to improve student acquisition, retention and graduation

Board Competency Review

For an Education Company looking to assess competencies at the Senior Level, AKME Education carried out a Competency Assessment of the company's Executive Team and Board and identified gaps for improvement

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Advisory Services

Value Creation Plan

For a Private-Equity backed education provider, AKME Education helped designed a value creation plan reflecting the full potential of the portfolio company. AKME Education helped increase the value of the company by supporting revenue enhancement and cost-reduction initiatives

Due Diligence

For a UK Private Equity, AKME Education assisted with the strategic due-diligence of an Education asset and helped our Client understand how best to unlock value creation opportunities

Maximise Enterprise Value

For a Private-Equity owned Education group, AKME Education provided an assessment of how to maximise Enterprise Value (EV) via performance improvement, growth and M&A


AKME Education helped design and drive and Operational Turnaround to improve our Client's operations and maximise value

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Strategy & Growth

Public-Private Partnerships

AKME Education helped facilitate Public-Private partnership discussions between various institutions and assisted in the design and implementation of financial models and contract terms.

Pathway Programmes

For a leading French Business School, AKME Education modelled the potential demand from International students for Foundations and Pathway Programmes in France along with expected returns over a 10 year period

Market Entry Strategy

For a Private Education Group looking to expand into new markets, AKME Education assessed the relative attractiveness of potential target markets and recommended the optimal market entry strategy to maximise our Client's chance of success

Internationalisation strategy

AKME Education helped a global Education Organisation design a new internationalisation framework to grow their international profile, improve their reputation and scale their international enrolments

Talent Strategy & Succession Planning

AKME Education helped design and implement a Talent and Succession strategy and associated Playbook to allow Management to ensure business continuity

Strategic Option Review

For a private Education Group who had just acquired a new Institution, AKME Education led a Strategic Options Review to identify the current available opportunities for implementing the company's long-term strategy in order to maximize its value

Students Wellbeing app

For a Wellness EdTech company, AKME Education assisted with the value proposition and pricing strategy while developing a road-map for scaling the business

Launch a new business school

For a Global Education Group, AKME Education helped launch a new business school working (among other things) on the value proposition, the courses portfolio, the pricing strategy and the recruitment strategy

M&A Support

For a European Education Group, AKME Education provided some M&A support and sourced investment opportunities


For an Institution looking to add a new form of international student enrolment and cost-effective means of education, AKME Education helped articulate the University's TNE strategy and assess the suitability of various offshore locations along with potential local partners

Corporate Strategy

AKME Education helped develop an Institution's 5 year strategic plan by engaging all key stakeholders (Academic, Business Professionals, Board) through a collaborative process

Growth Strategy

AKME Education delivered a growth strategy for a UK Education Group focusing on both new products and new markets

Employability Strategy

For a Private Education provider, AKME Education developed an Employability Strategy looking to improve both domestic and international students' career prospects

Expansion strategy: New Campus

For a University looking to open a new campus, AKME Education identified the best possible locations (at the Country and City level) and assessed the market potential along with the expected ramp-up curve and financial returns

SaaS Education

For an Education Group looking to move from a Transactional model to a SaaS one, AKME Education helped identify possible acquisition targets to facilitate the transition and allow a Buy-and-Build Education strategy

Digital Strategy

For a French Grande Ecole considering delivering online programmes, AKME Education helped assess the benefits of in-house build vs outsourcing (OPM) and ranked potential third party providers

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